Water Fountain For Cats

Water Fountain For Cats

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Are you always forgetting to refill your pet's water bowl?
Are you worried about them running out of the water while you are at work?

Pets are totally reliant on us for fresh drinking water. Cats and dogs especially are fussy with water, they like it clean, if not, they won't drink it. This water fountain for cats features a flower spout that drips water down quietly, but in an enticing way that will make it fun for your fur baby to drink from. Able to contain as much as 81 oz/2.4L of water, you will have some peace of mind that they won't run out of drinking water if you are away for long hours.

Make sure your pets always have clean, clear, and freshwater with the Easy-Clean Pet Drinking Water water fountain for cats. This drinking bowl is made to automatically filter itself for fresh drinking water. It makes it easy to ensure that your animals constantly have access to clean drinking water. Its light and compact shape are durable and long-lasting.


  • Non-Toxic, BPA-free: Finely polished antibacterial PP plastic that is BPA-free. It is dishwasher top-shelf safe, but we just recommend you to hand wash it, don't mix it with your plates.
  • LED GLOW: At night, the pet water fountain for cats gives off a beautiful blue glow. Blue tells you that it is working fine. If it turns red, it is not working and the biggest reason would be that the water level has gone down so low that the Cat Fountain fountain automatically turns off. Powered by USB to allow it to be plugged in just about anywhere. 
  • SMALL TO MEDIUM PETS: Ideal for cats but also works for small to medium dogs. Just remove the flower spout if it is for dogs as they like a bigger surface to drink from. Even birds can enjoy drinking from this!
  • CARBON FILTER: Activated carbon triple action filter that is placed into the water fountain works to filter pet hair, sediments, microorganisms, odor, and residual chlorine to keep the water clean and keeps it from becoming stale. This is especially important for a household with many pets, where water can get dirt very quickly from the saliva and bacteria. 

Carbon filter for the cat water fountain works in triple action to filter debris, cat hair, sediment, odor




Body Material: Plastic PP

Body Color: Blue, Grey

Design: Automatic Electric

Water Capacity: 2.4 liters 

Whole Size: approx. L19cm x W19cm x H16cm

Input Voltage:  100~240V, 0.15A

Output Voltage: 5V, 1A

Power Consumption: 2W


What’s included?

1 x 1 x Pet Water Fountain

1 x DC Adapter

1 x Charcoal & Ion Exchange Resin Filter

1 x Instruction Manual