Telescopic Pocket Fishing Pole

Telescopic Pocket Fishing Pole

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Fun Pocket Sized Fishing. Fish Anywhere!

Mini Portable Telescopic Combo Pocket Pen Fishing Rod

The Telescopic Pocket Fishing Pole is made from aluminium alloy, impact resistant and durable to use. The mini size and light weight make fishing tackle perfect for situations where large fishing gear is inconvenient, suitable for fishing from a boat, a dam or on ice.

Now you can fish anytime and anywhere (well, anywhere there is water) with this high-quality, pen-shaped fishing rod. This pocket-sized fishing rod fits in your pocket, meaning you can fish whenever you have the time or when the fish are biting! The FishPen comes equipped with a casting reel and is designed for fishermen of all skill levels! The rod extends from the size of an eight-inch pen to over 3.5 feet in length and is designed with all the necessities of a standard fishing rod. This rod is small, compact, and expertly designed to fit in your pocket, glove box, or backpack!


Perfect Fishing Rod - Ideal gift for fishing from a boat, a dam and on ice for fishing enthusiasts or collectors.

Easy Operation - It is very convenient to use by drawing off the pen rod in sections.

Ceramic Eyelet - Made of imported stain steel ceramic pigtail coil, which can protect the fish line validly.

Portable Pen Design- Compact, lightweight body fits in a pocket, glove box, briefcase, backpack, etc.

Great Entertainment:

Fishing is relaxing and something you enjoy doing with others.
It is a great way to renew an old friendship or build a father-son relationship.
Get together with a group of people and create memories of a lifetime.


1. Insert the reel foot to the fixing foot of the rod.
2. Screw down the nut beside the fishing foot of the reel.
3. Pull out the rod and fix it.