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Smart Catball

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What Are We All About?


Our cats can get stressed and bored too. Smart CatBall is the #1 rated and most in demand cat toy in the world that has been designed to give your cat countless hours of playtime. The best part? You can get it at 50% off today with FREE Shipping while supply lasts. Here's why 76% of customers buy two or more:

Smart Motion Sensor


After turning it on, the ball is automatically lowered and lifted and its Smart Motion Sensor will effectively detect your cat playing patterns. The Smart CatBall can also be automatically turned off after 5 minutes in order not to over exhaust your cat.

Clip It Anywhere

The portability of the Smart CatBall makes everything better! Clip it on to your desktop, your table at home and literally anywhere you'd like. 

Get The Energy Out


The Smart CatBall is an amazing way for your cats to release energy! Make playtime more enjoyable by simulating their instincts!

The Fun Never Ends 


Always rechargeable, made with high quality material and top-notch high-tech, the Smart CatBall is here to stay. Interactive and fun, give your four legged friend the toy of their dreams.

Product Dimensions


    How To Install


    Installing the toy is super easy. Simply load two AAA batteries and connect the plush ball to the adjustable base. Then simply press ON/OFF switch at the top and watch your cat have plenty of fun.