Roll-Around Rattle Bee Toy

Roll-Around Rattle Bee Toy

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Chew It, Squeeze It, Roll It
Your Baby Will Love This Toy!

 Great for grasping & teething
 Rattle beads sound keeps baby engaging
Encourages gross motor skills
 Easy to grasp & hold
 Great toy for on the go!

What’s got baby all shook up? The easy, squeezy Roll-Around Rattle Bee Toy!

Designed for the littlest of fingers to grab and hold, with the soft rubber material. Even inexperienced fingers can hold on tight and shake with everything they’ve got!

Your baby will love watching the bright beads of each rattle clickity-clack with every shimmy and shake.

Toss these Roll-Around Rattle Bee Toy into your diaper bag and keep them on hand wherever you go. Your little noisemaker will always have a ball!

Benefits Of Rattle Toys

Baby rattles are a great way of helping baby develop auditory skills and gross motor skills. Rattles make great newborn baby toys. Your baby will follow the sound of the rattle and will eventually learn to grasp it and create the sound all by herself. 

A soft toy rattle makes great baby teething toys, too. They’re soft and snuggly for baby, and have a rattle tucked away inside. 



Material: Soft Rubber & ABS Plastic
Size:  4.3" x 3.5" inches / (10.5 x 9 cm)

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.
Do not immerse in water.