Electric Drill Riveting Adapter Tool

Electric Drill Riveting Adapter Tool

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Electric Drill Riveting Adapter Tool 

Features :

  • Alloy steel forged gun tip, high hardness, strong and durable.
  • Pull the rivet clockwise and return the rivet counterclockwise.
  • High hardness hexagon connecting rod, can be used for lithium electric drills, torque drills, pistol drills, etc.
  • The body shape from thin to thick, the air resistance received is small, and it is easy to use.
  • The handle is made of high-quality plastic, and has anti-slip lines, not easy to slip.
  • With replaceable rivet head and three-jaw clip, suitable for rivets of various specifications.
  • It is widely used in door and window industry, electrical and air-conditioning production, aviation and navigation equipment, aluminum alloy and other riveting, automobile manufacturing and production.


Instructions :

  1. Adjust the electric drill to a suitable gear
  2. Open the chuck of the electric drill, insert the adapter, and turn the adapter clockwise to clamp the adapter
  3. Turn on the reversal function of the electric drill, and put in rivet nails of appropriate specifications until you hear the sound of "da da da"
  4. Turn on the clockwise rotation function again, align the holes, and drive the rivets
  5. Finally, turn on the counterclockwise rotation function and pull out the rivets


Package includes :

  • 1*Rivet Adapter
  • 1*Auxiliary handle
  • 4*Rivet heads
  • 1*Mini wrench
  • 3*Spare paw