Cat Toys Interactive Feather Ball Balance Gun

Cat Toys Interactive Feather Ball Balance Gun

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Why Play Time Is Important?

Bonding with your cat in a whole complete new way is what the Cat Blast was designed to do. Alongside with providing an outlet for your pet's predatory instincts, playing with your cat will keep him/her happy and healthy. Be prepared to have lots of fun.

A New Kind Of Toys

The Cat Blast comes with a ball and a feather, so you can decide what to install on the pistol when you use it. Press the trigger and the ball/feather will pop out. Release the trigger and it will bounce back. 

Get Your Cat To Play

The best way to make your cat come and play with you is to stimulate his/her attention. Don't chase your cat, rather make him/her come to you with the Cat Blast.



The Cat Blast  was designed to stay and never go anywhere. Durable and fall-resistant, the toy is suitable for cats of all ages. 

Size: 7.44''*4.52''1.65'/189mm*115mm*42mm