Box Fishing Accessories Kit

Box Fishing Accessories Kit

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The #1 Fishing Accessories Kit On The Market

The fishing tackle box set comes with 160pcs/box necessary fishing accessories: 

  • A broad variety of tackle allows the new angler to learn new knots, rigs, fishing styles and techniques; All the guess work has been removed from equipping yourself with the ideal, target specific, tackle
  • The 160pcs tackle kit includes an assortment of 30pcs float swivel connectors in three sizes, 30pcs barrel swivels in three sizes, 20pcs barrel swivels with fastlock snaps in two sizes, 20pcs EWG worm hooks in size 1#, 15pcs crossline swivels in three sizes, 39pcs fishing beads in assorted colors and sizes, and 6pcs lead weights in two sizes
  • Quality inclusions adopt corrosion resistant brass swivels, stainless snaps, and high carbon steel hooks, helping to eliminate rusting issues
  • Purchasing a kit like this is a cost-effective way to stock up on expensive terminal tackle
  • Bonus a reusable fishing tackle box that will last indefinitely and will make excellent storage when re-stocking your terminal tackle


Box Size: 12cm*10cm*3.5cm. Great Gift for Fisherman